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aWhere applikáció

The aWhere app

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Where is an application that uses satellite imagery to analyse billions of data points from around the world. The image data is used to help farmers increase yields, as well as analyze crops and predict weather conditions. The aWhere app gives farmers local, personalised forecasts and analysis. The app even predicts yields for crops in other regions of the world, which can help aWhere app users determine price.

Predictive Analysis

aWhere – Satellites for Weather Forecasting and Crop Sustainability

aWhere, a Colorado-based company, uses machine learning algorithms on satellites to forecast weather, analyze crop sustainability and assess the presence of diseases and pests on farms.

For example, daily weather forecasts are tailored to customer needs and vary from the hyperlocal to the global. Among the types of customers mentioned on the company’s website are farmers, crop consultants and researchers.

As the 3-minute video below shows, the company claims to specialize in high-level data collection, which it updates continuously and quickly:

The company also claims to provide users with more than a billion points of agronomic data on a daily basis. The data sources include temperature, precipitation, wind speed and solar radiation, “along with comparisons to historical values anywhere on agricultural land.”

It appears that the company does not provide a case study on its website. Examples of the use of the software are included on the company’s blog, but it is not clear how much customers have invested in Hol’s services and how those investments have affected the results.