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Like the Plantix app, California-based Trace Genomics provides soil analysis services to farmers. Lead investor Illumina helped develop the machine learning system to help customers learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their soil. The focus is on preventing defective crops and optimizing opportunities for healthy crop production.

According to the company’s website, after submitting a soil sample to Trace Genomics, users are supposed to receive an in-depth summary of their soil content. The services are provided in packages that include pathogen screening focused on bacteria and fungi, as well as comprehensive microbial assessment. As described in the video below, soil DNA analysis is also central to Trace:

Beginning in February 2017, the company raised $8 million in capital from six companies, including Illumina Accelerator. Product bundles start at $199 for Pathogen Screen. Favorable quotes for two farms are listed on the Trace Genomics website. However, no data are included showing how Trace Genomics has improved the results