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Kompano, a leading technology company in horticultural robotics

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Priva and the Belgian Octinion K and FD group are combining their horticultural robotics activities under the Kompano banner. The formalities will be finalised in the coming weeks. By combining their expertise and technology, they will create a strong and pioneering technology company focused on innovation in horticultural robotics in a fast-growing international market. The management team will be Tom Coen and Ronald Zeelen. Tom Coen will be the CEO.

Leading company in horticultural robotics

Both Priva and Octinion have invested a lot of time, energy and money in developing robotic innovations in the horticultural sector over the years. Priva has focused on the development of a leaf-cutting robot for tomato cultivation, while Octinion has developed a strawberry picking robot and a UV-C robot for disease control in greenhouses. The strong global interest in these types of applications demonstrates the value of robotic innovation in the horticulture sector and the huge potential.

Common ambitions

To further exploit the potential of robotics in the sector, both companies see benefits in joining forces, creating synergies by sharing technological knowledge and expanding research and application. The Priva Kompano Group will regularly launch new innovative robots to strengthen its market leadership position.

The need for robotisation

Demographic and socio-economic data show that labour shortages in the horticulture sector are a limiting factor for growth and are leading to a decline in food security worldwide. Growers are indicating that they need new ways to automate manual and repetitive (picking) activities, and therefore optimise crop quality.

Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva: Food security and energy transition are leading issues in the horticulture sector worldwide. It is wonderful to see that both Priva’s and Octinion’s mission puts the interests of the world’s food security at the heart of innovative solutions. The move towards robotisation is an important revolution that we can make a major contribution to the world’s demand for sustainable innovation in the horticulture sector.

It is not surprising that two family businesses with clear ambitions have been able to find common ground. We have a similar organisational culture and the same vision for the future of the horticulture sector.It is a strategic fit and it is now being expressed in a strong new company eager to launch its innovative applications in the horticulture sector.

Octinion is an innovative K FD group of companies specialising in mechanical product development with applications in organic materials. It is mainly active in the horticultural and food industry sectors. The company was founded in 2009, employs around 50 people and is based in Leuven. Octinion carries out development projects for third parties and has several product development companies in its group. Octinion Agriculture has grown to become a world player, mainly in the strawberry sector, with developments such as an autonomous strawberry picking robot, a UV-C robot and a scouting platform. It has also developed numerous applications for the wider horticultural sector. Octinion Agriculture will now be part of the Kompano Group.

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