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Kinze autonóm traktor és gabona kocsi

Kinze autonomous tractor and grain wagon

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Company:Kinze Manufacturing, Williamsburg, Iowa and Jaybridge Robotics, Cambridge, MA
Website:http://www.kinze.com/ and http://www.jaybridge.com/
Product:Autonomous vehicle system for row crop production

Kinze autonomous tractor and grain cart

Area of use: corn and soybeans in Iowa and Illinois
Function: autonomously collect row crops from the combine and bring them out of the field to the delivery area
Testing: autonomous harvesting system has been tested with farmers since 2012; in 2013, three Iowa and Illinois farmers rented systems without Kinze overseeing the operation, allowing farmers to use the technology independently. The Kinze system can be paired with off-market components, including GPS, radar, laser sensors and video cameras, with custom software that allows the system to respond to obstacles in the field. It was developed in partnership with Jaybridge Robotics.
Availability:Kinze does not currently sell the harvesting system, but plans to in the near future.
Price:Price:Price has not yet been determined for the system, which includes a tractor autonomous driving kit and grain cart, as well as navigation, route planning, combine communications and control software systems