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Digital agriculture: the impact of technology on the oldest industry

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Events related to digital agriculture are important because of the digital technologies in agriculture that are transforming food production to reduce poverty and hunger in the world.

AGRIVI’s approach to digital agriculture is turning towards self-sufficiency and knowledge sharing to solve the global food problem. There is a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to use digital technologies and therefore we want to leverage the knowledge we have gained over the years and share it with all stakeholders in the food value chain to collaborate.

When we talk about digital agriculture, at AGRIVI we actively share experiences and knowledge through various channels such as blog posts, social media, and participation in agtech and food webinars and conferences. We strongly believe that participation in events is important for the exchange of know-how and experiences with all stakeholders in the industry. We have also participated in various university lectures because we need to support the new generation and pass on our current experience.

The future of agriculture is all about collaboration and finding the best solutions, so at the different events AGRIVI representatives will jointly talk about digitalisation in the agri-food value chain, food production and food safety, artificial intelligence and agriculture, sustainable practices, climate change and their impact on agricultural production.

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