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Mezőgazdasági autonom gyomláló robot

Dick the relentless weed-killing robot

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In our series we present The Small Robot Company’s 1-1 Artificial Intelligence-driven agricultural rover.

Dick is the ruthless


The world’s first – non-chemical – robotic weed killer for field crops. Prevents weeds with zero chemical use. The Small Robot Company integrates Rootwave’s weed control technology to make autonomous, non-chemical weeding a reality.

Best of all: increased yield with minimal chemical use and precision through precision agriculture.

Available from 2021. Initial field trials of the Dick prototype will take place in early 2020. Farms trialling the technology will include the National Trust Wimpole Estate and Waitrose Leckford Estate.

Idea to transform food production: MORE EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE AND SUSTAINABLE

Farmers are an integral part of the environmental solution. The Small Robot Company is working with more and more farmers on a profitable future of agriculture that is more in tune with nature. Feeding the world while protecting soil health, water quality and biodiversity.

Plant-by-plant, precision agriculture is kinder to the soil, gentler on the environment, more efficient, more precise and more productive. Increased yields and minimal chemical use. So you can increase revenue by up to 40% while reducing costs by up to 60%.