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Clearpath Grizzly RUV húzógép

Clearpath Grizzly RUV puller

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Company:Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, ON, Canada
Product:Grizzly RUV and Husky UGV

Clearpath Grizzly RUV tractor

Application: sold to university research institutes for application development
Function: harvesting, mowing, hauling, research
Testing: Testing of asparagus production with added laser scanner to identify appropriate stubble and cutter inserted in soil to cut stalk below ground; manure removal from chicken farms during barn cleaning; identifying where cows are urinating and then treating this area to allow grass to continue to grow; mowing between orchard rows and hauling (hay/straw wagons back to the barn and returning so the farmer does not have to stop baling; chemical replenishments to spray areas;
Stacking: Early 2015 – currently for sale to universities and research organisations only
Price: $12,000 – $100,000, depending on configuration