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Category: Image processing

Image processing in agriculture. Agricultural image processing, agricultural deep learning.

  • Autonomous 24/7 field monitoring

    MY AUTONOMOUS GROWING TECHNOLOGY PROVIDES 24/7 FIELD MONITORING, AND IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING. Format: Mark Moore Autonomous growing technology provides 24/7 field monitoring, and it’s just the beginning. Courtesy of Valley Irrigation, Matt Friend has 45 centre pivot irrigation systems to keep 45,500 hectares of land under control during the growing season. The farmer in…

  • Highlighting ROI for strawberries

    One of the concepts in image processing is ROI. This is nothing more than the areas of the image that are of interest to us. ROI – Region Of Interest. It’s no different in agricultural image processing. We have our pictures: in our case, a picture of a strawberry field. And we’re wondering if there…

  • Detecting tomatoes 2.

    In the previous section we detected red tomatoes and counted how many ripe tomatoes are in the image. Unfortunately we ended up with the result that if several tomatoes are touching or partially obscuring each other, the previous system detects 1 large tomato, which is not very accurate. We improve the previous program a bit…

  • Tomato detection 1.

    Detecting crops is quite important in agricultural image processing. It’s important to recognize fruits and vegetables. One of the main tasks is to detect disease on the fruit, the other is to detect the ripening fruit. Today we will detect tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes are fortunately red, while unripe tomatoes are green. We’ll take advantage of…

  • Object detection of plants

    One important step on the road to artificial intelligence is object detection. In our little example today, we are trying to detect weeds appearing in a dug up area and automatically extract them from the original image. The image was taken in my small garden using a simple Android phone. In this small example, we…

  • Detection of wilt on vines

    One of the mite pests of grapes is the grapevine caterpillar. Infected leaves develop small bumps, which are also slightly different in color from healthy leaves.Here are some pictures of it:The trained eye can easily spot this disease on a single vine. Unfortunately, if we are talking about a large area, it is not enough…