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Category: Agricultural robot table

Agricultural robotic tables, grafting robots, grasshopper planting robots, vegetable planting robots, flower planting robots.

  • The Iron Ox autonomous

    Silicon Valley-based agtech startup Iron Ox operates farms in California and will soon begin selling crops from its new 535,000-square-foot indoor farm in Texas. The company has had a standout quarter to the end of 2021, including a $53 million Series C funding round and the launch of TWO new farm robots as the company moves into what it calls its hypergrowth mode of …

  • From robotic farm to table: Iron Ox unveils the first fully autonomous indoor farm

    Iron Ox, a robotics company that is reinventing farming from the ground up, has launched the world’s first autonomous farm that harnesses advances in plant science, machine learning and robotics. The indoor farm grows leafy greens, including romaine lettuce, lettuce and kale, and culinary herbs, including basil,…

  • Agricultural robot for asparagus harvesting

    ST Robotics has been manufacturing and selling low-cost desktop robots for 3 decades. During this time we have been involved in many applications and projects. One of the applications is agriculture.As the world population grows, so does the demand for food. Over the past decades, food production and agriculture have become more efficient, producing more food at lower cost and with less waste.

  • RoBoPlant flower planting robot

    Company: ISO Group, a Flier Systems company, Gameren, The NetherlandsWebsite: www.isogroepmachinebouw.nlProduct: RoBoPlant flower planting robot and fully and semi-autonomous grafting robots The ISO Group’s RoBoPlant flower planting robot Area of use: all over the EUFunction. Flower planting robotic system guides, separates and plants peat seedlings into selected samples;Testing: continuous testing and developmentAvailability: products started selling…

  • Helper Robotech fruit and vegetable planting robot

    Company: Helper Robotech, Gimhae City, KoreaWebsite: http://helpersys.co.kr/Product: BoniRob field robot Helper Robotech fruit and vegetable planting robot Area of application: Korea, Japan and ChinaFunction:Vine grafting is most common in European and Asian countries and in greenhouses worldwide where crop rotation is no longer possible and the available land is intensively used. Robotic grafting is relatively…

  • EMP-300 Oltrorobot

    Company: Conic Systems, Barcelona, SpainWebsite: http://www.conic-system.com/Product: EMP-300 extinguishing robot Conic Systems EMP-300 extinguishing robot Area of use: globalFunction: enables the grafting of vegetables and other greenhouse cropsTesting: unknownAvailability: nowAvailable: not available