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Category: Agricultural drone

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  • Revolutionize Your Farming: Drone Crop Monitoring

    As a farmer, you know how important it is to keep track of your crops and their health throughout the growing season. One way to do this is through drone-based crop monitoring, a cutting-edge technology that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with specialized cameras to capture high-resolution images of your fields. With drone-based crop…

  • Benefits of agricultural drones on the farm

    Drones have become a normal part of our world today. Over the past decade, they have gone from being expensive toys for the rich to affordable objects that many of us have the opportunity to experience. They are used for photography and delivery, and have even become the subject of their own competitions. But drones also play an important role in the public sector. This is not necessarily limited to their military applications. Governments and…

  • Robotics in agriculture

    It’s no wonder that more and more agricultural robotics applications are emerging, including biomorphic drones that model bee behaviour. Robots and drones can have a big impact on agricultural efficiency. From drones that monitor and analyse crops to automated tractors capable of sowing, fertilising and harvesting, developments in agricultural robotics all mean that human labour can now be…

  • Drones in the orchards

    Drones have been used for years to help grain farmers improve the efficiency of their operations. Research is underway to enable orchard owners to do the same by applying drone technology to fruit trees. Olga Walsh of the University of Idaho, an agronomy expert in crop production systems, says they are still in the experimental stage. The first fruit growers in Idaho…

  • The new flagship for digital agriculture

    With a 30-litre spray tank, the DJI Agras T30 takes aerial spraying to new heights. The revolutionary body allows more efficient spraying, especially for fruit trees. Using DJI digital agriculture solutions, the T30 helps reduce fertilizer use and increase crop yields with efficient, data-driven best practices. 30-litre spray tank Sphere-shaped radar system IP67 water and…

  • Drone services for precision agriculture

    Company: Agribotix, Boulder, ColoradoWebsite: http://agribotix.com/Product: Drone services for precision agriculture Agribotix image processing services Area of use: midwestern USA (CO, KA, MO, etc.)Function: renting ag drones to cooperatives, agronomists, crop consultants, farmers, and large industrial farms; can capture and process high-resolution images and maps using a variety of sensors, and provide order maps to match…

  • Lancaster UAV with various plug and play sensors

    Company: Precision Hawk, Raleigh, NCWebsite: http://precisionhawk.com/Product: Lancaster UAV with various plug and play sensor options, plus DatamapperPrecisionHawk LancasterPrecisionHawk Lancaster plug-in sensorsArea of use: Ontario, CanadaFunction:Providing data to plant scientists, consultants, farmers and growers to help make management decisionsTesting:Conducting field tests at Transport Canada SFOC for many years. Most of the research and development is done…

  • senseFly eBee Ag autopilot system

    Company: senseFly, Cheseaux-Lausanne, SwitzerlandWebsite: http://www.sensefly.comProduct: eBee Ag