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Artificial intelligence in agribusiness

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Agriculture is both an important economic sector and the foundation of the economy.

Factors such as climate change, population growth and food security concerns are driving the industry to seek more innovative approaches to protect and improve crop yields. As a result, AI is steadily emerging as part of the industry’s technological evolution.

In this article, we will focus on the application of artificial intelligence to help business leaders understand current and emerging trends.

Artificial Intelligence in Agribusiness

Our research suggests that the most popular applications of AI in agriculture fall into three main categories:

Agricultural robots – Companies are developing and programming autonomous robots to perform basic agricultural tasks such as harvesting crops in larger quantities and faster than humans.

Crop and soil monitoring – Companies are using computer vision and deep learning algorithms to process data collected by drones and/or software-based technologies to monitor the condition of crops and soil.

Predictive Analysis – Machine learning models are being developed to monitor and predict various environmental impacts on crop yields, such as weather changes.