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Agrobot hidroponikus termesztési rendszer

Agrobot hydroponic growing system

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Company: Agrobot, Huelva, Spain
Website: http://www.agrobot.com/
Product: Agrobot SW6010 and AGSHydro, hydroponic growers’ bed-mounted growing systems tailored for strawberry growing and harvesting

Agrobot combine

Agrobot hydroponic growing system

Application: strawberry harvesting in Oxnard, California
Function: mature berry picking from raised hydroponic growing beds
Testing: will begin final testing of strawberry harvesting in January; seasonal testing has been done for a few years
Availability: mid-2015
Price: $250,000 for a combine with 60 robotic pickers. Says a big berry farmer: “Agrobot is operating through several investment routes. One is where it’s cheaper to harvest than it is today, and the other is where we’re harvesting fruit for which there aren’t enough people. In the latter case, the Agrobot pays for itself immediately because without the ability to harvest, we have no business (this is becoming more and more common).