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Agricultural Robots

Harvesting and Tractors – Tractors do two things: provide guidance to the devices they are towing, and pulling power. Current tractors are huge and if they break down, the entire operation comes to a halt. Autonomous machines don’t need operators and can operate around the clock. Thus tight operational windows can be achieved for seeding and other time-sensitive activities.

Planting, Pruning, Potting, Grafting and Nursery Operations

Thinning and Weeding

UAS, Inspection, Data Collection and Data Manipulation – UAVs are only as good as the other precision ag equipment and systems; if there are no computers on the tractors or controllers on the implements towed, and if they can’t talk to each other, UAS data collected is just pretty pictures.

Smart Implements – New implements incorporate advanced control systems and can respond to commands from the towing tractor or provide their own mobility and navigation.